Just wanted to drop everyone a note of thanks for making my final season as Producer of the EPRD Summer Concert Series such a memorable one! 

I want to thank the Evergreen Lake House staff, and specifically Brad Bednar, Lorna Bleck, and Christine Dove.  You have been a great bunch to work with and your management of the facility has always made Evergreen Lake Presents' job an easy one.  

I want to thank all of the businesses that have sponsored this event over the years.  Without their monetary support, this event could not happen.

Thank you to all of the contributing artists. The artwork has beautifully reflected the Summer Concert Series experience.  And the musical performances have been stellar!

I want to thank the members of Evergreen Lake Presents - Scott Messler, Wolfgang Zinn, Kristen Bailey, Daniel Gibbins, Aaron Gibbins, Zack Hawkins, Sam Hutchins, and Roary Archibald. And of course, the founder of the event, Kent Roeder!

I must also mention all of the EPRD Directors during this time.  Dick Wulf, John Skeel, Scott Robson, and Ellen O'Connor.  Their continued support has been integral to our success.

And of course, the key ingredient, YOU!  All of the concert guests that have attended - rain or shine - for the 86 concerts I have been involved with.  You have been the best!!!

It has been my great pleasure to have produced the EPRD Summer Concert Series for the last 11 years.  I have many many great memories to take with me.  And of course I look forward to attending many more concerts in the future.

Kristen Bailey is taking on duties as Producer of the EPRD Summer Concert Series.  Next year is the 20th Anniversary season and I know it will be a special one!  I have every confidence that Kristen will take this event to new heights!  Best of luck to you - I will always be there if you need anything.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!  I can't say it enough ;^)

- Dale Gibbins