This coming Wednesday, June 29th, come to Evergreen Lake House park as we welcome Lipbone Redding!

Lipbone Redding is far more than just his ability to make trombone sounds with his mouth and turns out not only to be a decent songwriter but an intelligent and skilled musician. Musically he's hard to pin down as Party On The Fire Escape sounds like he's tossed together a salad made up of Spanish Harlem, seventies soul, funk, a taste of New Orleans, and country music. Now it might sound like a bit of a train wreck when you say it, but he carries it all off without much difficulty.

Lipbone is like a good storyteller as his songs have the ability to evoke an image in your head of what he's singing about. So when he's singing about the "Party On The Fire Escape" it calls to mind all those images you've ever seen of New York City apartment buildings wrapped in rod-iron stair ways and their inhabitants sitting outside in a desperate search for a breeze on a hot summer's night. It's a rare thing these days when a songwriter is able to do this as well as Lipbone does, and it gives his music an extra dimension that elevates it above a good deal of what you usually hear.

Our opening act is Franny & the Jets. Drawing from some of Colorado's best young jazz musicians, Franny & the Jets performs as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet. The band's relaxed and entertaining show makes it a perfect backdrop for restaurants, bars, and other venues where live music is intended to draw and retain customers. 

These concerts are free, all ages, picnic style events. Bring a blanket, lawn chairs, food and drink, and join in on Evergreen's best summer fun!  

In the past we have had issues with concert guests setting up popups in the middle of the park. Just a reminder, the only popup allowed in the middle of the park is the sound engineer's tent. All other popups should be set up at the edges of the park so you do not block anyone's view. Please help us with this request so we do not have to take further steps (disallowing all concert guests popups).

Once again, parking is scarce. VIP Parking is SOLD OUT for the season! There are 160 parking spots at the Lake House and 50 of these are used for VIP Parking. The remaining free spots will fill up by 4:00. We will have shuttles from the Wulf Rec Center and from Christ the King Church. The shuttles run regularly and bring you right to the park gates. The shuttles run until 9:15 every concert.

See you there!!