VIP Parking will probably sell out before the season starts this year.  Call the Lake House now if you are interested in purchasing spots for the 2016 EPRD Summer Concert Series. 720.880.1300

Also, I heard a rumor (you know how Evergreen is) that all spots at the Lake House were going to be sold as VIP Parking this year.  And of course, like most rumors, that turns out to be untrue.

There are 130 parking spots at the Evergreen Lake House.  We use approximately 30 spots for event production use (bands, sound personnel, management).  Of the remaining 100 spots, 50 are sold as VIP Parking.  The other 50 are available on a first come basis.

It's a tough parking situation and that's just the way it is until someone steps up and builds a huge underground parking complex for the downtown Evergreen area.  LOL

See you in 4 weeks!!   ;^)