Hi all,

There are rumors circulating that there will be 3000 to 4000 people at next week's Dakota Blonde concert. This rumor has made it all the way to the JeffCo Sheriff's Department and of course has caused some consternation.

Our biggest draw over the years has been for the funk band Tunisia. They have performed five times and attendance at those concerts has come in at about 1200 people. The difficulty of getting to the Lake House Park because of the limited parking and shuttles is the biggest factor limiting attendance to the EPRD Summer Concert Series. Our concerts just never get bigger than about 1200 attendees. That's the way we like it.

With good weather, Dakota Blonde will attract a very good crowd.  Mary Huckins and company always give a great performance. That is why this will be their fifth performance at the EPRD Summer Concert Series. And they have always drawn 800 to 1000 concert guests which is what we expect this coming Wednesday as well ;^)

Who is starting these crazy rumors? Please stop it - this is nothing short of lunacy.

Please help spread the word . . .