And Evergreen is not immune to this problem.  

The recently enacted ban on smoking in EPRD parks does not extend to the Lake House park. The Lake House sits on land owned by Denver and the EPRD board does not have the authority to ban smoking in this particular park. So just to clarify, concert guests are allowed to smoke cigarettes at the Lake House park.

The parks crew picked up almost 500 cigarette butts from the park and parking lot after Wednesday's concert!  This is a very significant littering issue so let's help spread the word. If you want to smoke a cigarette, go right ahead. As mentioned above there are no rules against smoking cigarettes at the Lake House park.

And be a good neighbor - please be certain that when you finish smoking that cigarette, extinguish it and put it in a trash can and not on the ground. It takes only slightly more effort.

Thanks in advance and we will see you on August 27th!


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