Don't listen to what your neighbor says, get the real low down right here.

Here it is. 

It is very likely that we will have heavy rain over the next couple of days. And of course, the show must go on! Like the title of this post says, we NEVER cancel a concert.

We are planning for an indoor concert on Wednesday. When the weather is really, really uncooperative we have the option of having our concert inside the Evergreen Lake House - cool, huh! This week we are hosting western swing band Katie Glassman and Snapshot! Katie is a National Champion fiddle player and she and Snapshot are sure to get your feet moving.

The concert will start at 5:00 pm, as scheduled.  Katie Glassman and Snapshot take the stage at 7:00.

So music lovers, come on out. We will have a great time rain or no rain! And if it somehow looks like it won't rain, we will be outside as usual. Come early as the Windup Monkeys get this party started!

See you there!! ;^)