Hi all,

Just want to spread the word about some issues we had last night.

As usual our concert guests in the park are remarkably well behaved. We have had just one or two issues with our concert guests in the 17 years of the Summer Concert Series.

Our problem issues generally occur with unsupervised teens that are not on the Lake House property. At Wednesday evening's concert there were many many teens hanging out on the Evergreen Golf Course. Not only is this trespassing, but there were some tee box markers stolen and one of the golf course greens was vandalized.

We need your help spreading the word on this issue. We are going to step up supervision of our concerts with added security and volunteers. You can help us out by doing the following things:

  • Please be aware of what your teens are doing and where they are.  Have them report in to you periodically.
  • Please remind them that the golf course is not their personal playground.  It is golf course property and the management is asking that we stay off of the golf course.
  • Please do not drop off teens unattended at this event.  They generally do not stay in the park and any problems they cause are then blamed on us.  These are the kind of things that could spell the end of one of our Evergreen community's favorite events.
  • Please help spread the word of this issue.

This is pretty simple stuff. And we continue to be proud of the fact that this is an all ages event. We receive contributions from the Elks Club every year primarily for providing our local teens something to do in the summer months. 

Please help spread the word.  It is vitally important for the health of the Summer Concert Series that we be good neighbors.

Thanks and we will see you in two weeks ;^)